Sunday School

Sunday School

Part of the great commission is to teach the Word of God. Sunday school plays an essential role in educating Christians. It is a time we set aside each week to search the scriptures and to learn of the promises of God.

Our Sunday School department is focused on bringing the divine Word of God to life by providing a spontaneous environment from which everyone can learn and benefit. We have Sunday School classes for everyone from the youngest child to the oldest adult.

It is important to us at Bible Holiness Church to maintain a standard of excellence by carefully selecting our Sunday School teachers. A high level of importance is placed on their selection.

Sunday School Classes

Bulletin Boards


From infants up until they can walk


From the time they can walk up to 3 yrs. old


Ages 4 - 6


Ages 7 - 9


Ages 10 - 12

Teenage Boys & Girls

Boys & Girls Ages 13 - 19

Young Adult

Ages 20 - 45


Ages 46 and over