A Word From The Pastor

To our beloved church family,

As you know, it has been our plan at BHC from the beginning of this crisis to encourage a culture of preparation and prevention rather than paranoia and panic. We feel that we have diligently given our best effort in adhering to the constantly changing guidelines as set forth by our president, state government, CDC, VDH, WHO, etc. We have adjusted the schedule of services, instituted new sanitation procedures, and implemented assigned seating in an effort to prevent the spread of this virus. However, as many of you are personally and painfully aware, we recently discovered that complete prevention was not an attainable goal. The policies and procedures applied within the building were ineffective deterrents to the exposure experienced without. At that point our mission changed from prevention, to control and containment. Worship services of any kind were immediately halted for an initial period of two weeks. After which, we began taking a few cautious steps toward returning to the normal routine of corporate worship. We promise to continually monitor the process and overall progress of our efforts, realizing the responsibility we have as a church not only to our members, but for the safety of the community and the projected image of Christ and His body as well.

Again, these are unprecedented times, but we need to remember that God is in control and nothing that has happened has taken Him by surprise. We praise Him for His continued direction, throughout this crisis; and while we had hoped for prevention from it, we are thankful for His protection through it!

I want to personally thank each of you that has taken the time to minister to the needs of others during this period of isolation. My heart has been greatly touched by the news of your faithfulness to the work of God and compassion for the congregation as a whole. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your prayers and patience as we continue to sail through uncharted waters. God Bless!