A Word From The Pastor

To our beloved church family,

It has been our plan at BHC from the beginning of this crisis to encourage a culture of preparation and prevention rather than paranoia and panic. These are unprecedented times, but we need to remember that God is in control and nothing that has happened has taken Him by surprise. While we praise Him for his protection and direction, we also understand the responsibility we have as a church not only to our members, but for the safety of the community as well. As you know, our president, state government, CDC, VDH, WHO, etc., have determined that social distancing is the most effective way to slow and perhaps prevent the further spread of the virus. In doing so they have advised that there be no social gatherings of more than ten individuals. The situation is completely fluid and recommendations change on a daily, if not an hourly basis, as more information becomes available. After much prayer and at the advice of our legal counsel, the leadership of BHC has determined that our government is operating within the limits of its powers decreed by the Constitution of the United States, and we will adjust our schedule of services according to the guidelines and parameters as set forth by our federal, state, and local government. Again, this is a very fluid situation and we will likely see other changes as we move forward. We ask for your prayers and patience as we seek to navigate the rising tide of uncharted waters.

In the following, we hope to answer some of your questions and outline our current plan of action for the church:

    1. Sunday services will convene at 11 and will be streamed live through YouTube. The links for both will be available here on the website. CDs will be available to anyone unable to access the services electronically.
    2. The receiving of tithes and offerings will be available via PayPal, the link to which will be provided here on the website as well. For anyone wishing to contribute without electronic means of doing so, check or money order can be mailed to the church @ 127 Pine Street Elkton, 22827.
    3. We are working to provide an interactive electronic Bible Study/Sunday School class that will be open to everyone.
    4. Small groups, such as the Ladies Prayer group, are still permitted by the law and encouraged by the leadership of the church provided they operate within the boundaries of the 10 person per gathering limit.